Homecoming Court

Homecoming Court

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What does it mean to be on Homecoming Court?

It means you are an Anteater for life. UCI has become a home away from home for you and you want to be able to represent your school in life onward! Being part of Homecoming court and potentially royalty means you are someone that truly exemplifies what it means to be an Anteater and have spent your time at UCI taking advantage of all this university has to offer.


Court Candidates:

Nicole Choy

Hello! My name’s Nicole (she/her/hers) and I’m a fourth year Psychological Sciences major from Rancho Cucamonga, CA. I’m passionate about meeting people and learning about what happiness means to them :’) Here at UCI, I’ve found home in welcoming communities such as the Antleader Mentorship Program, Gamma Phi Beta, ASUCI, SPOP, Camp Kesem, and Student Housing.

A few other things about me…

  • I am a HUGE FOODIE! I will always be down to drive a few extra miles to try the latest food trends and turn it into an adventure with my friends. ESPECIALLY when it comes to ice cream. Occasionally, I’ll let the camera eat first.
  • Speaking of tastes, I love to diversify my music palate. Some of my best college memories come from sitting in a friend’s car, jamming to their favorite bops, and adding these songs to my playlists!
  • I love to travel! I am constantly fascinated by learning about different lifestyles and finding beauty in diverse cultures.
  • In my free time, I enjoy painting, picking up spontaneous hobbies, and facetiming my family.
  • My friends and loved ones give me life! My biggest love language is quality time, and nothing warms my heart more than forming a connection with someone.

Alyssa Koba

Hello fellow Anteaters! My name is Alyssa Koba, but I also go by Aly! I am a 4th year double majoring in Human Biology and Public Health Policy and am one of the candidates for the Homecoming Crown! UC Irvine has always felt like home to me from the moment I toured the campus the fall of my senior year of high school. During my time at UCI, I have been involved in many different spaces that have a allowed me to grow such as:
  • SPOP Aurora Year!
  • Sorority and Fraternity Life (SFL), serving as the ASUCI SFL Liaison, Panhellenic Association’s Recruitment Counselor Coordinator, and a member of Kappa Alpha Theta!
  • ASUCI Student Health and Wellness Commission Intern
  • UCEAP Summer Physics Program in University of Sussex (UK/England)
  • LA for the Human Biology Series and Physiology of Nutrition Courses
Being a UCI Anteater has given me some of my greatest experiences and I am truly grateful for all the memories and friendships that I have made over the past 3 years. Whether it’s your first or last time experiencing a UCI event, I hope you’re able to still feel connected even though we are virtual! ZOT! ZOT! ZOT!

Janet Ngo

Welcome everyone! My name is Janet Ngo, I am a 4th year double major Public Health Policy and Political Science, pronouns she/her/hers. I am so grateful and excited to be running for the UCI 2021 Homecoming crown and I hope to learn from this amazing experience.

Although college may just be a small fragment of our lives, it had the opportunity to change my life for the better and I have learned so much about myself and others. While entering college, I moved my life halfway across the state from San Jose, CA to Irvine, CA; to venture into the unknown and discover more about myself. Throughout my time at UCI, I jumped throughout different organizations and aligned myself with a variety of people, but I was only able to blossom once I embraced my true core and discovered self-expression. I learned how to harness inner peace and compassion for others throughout these 4 years. I am so proud of the woman I have become and I am constantly working towards self-improvement. During this time, I discovered my true passion for public health and will dedicate my life work towards community building in segregated communities.

Throughout my time in UCI, I was involved in:
  • Anh Lanh Free Clinic Project Intern
  • ASUCI IVP Food Security Commission Intern
  • ASUCI EVP Housing Security Commission Intern
  • VP Intellectual Development Alpha Chi Omega Panhellenic Sorority
  • Division of Continuing Education (DCE) Activities Lead
  • Albertson’s UC Irvine Campus Ambassador
  • TRUTH Tobacco Awareness UC Irvine College Leader
  • UCI School of Public Health
  • UCI School of Social Sciences

I would like to personally thank UC Irvine for providing me so many new opportunities and learning experiences. My journey would not have come true without the support and acceptance from the communities I joined and the friends I have made. You all have helped shape me into the empathetic, confident young woman I am today. I truly thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.

Love, Janet Ngo

Adam Rodriguez

My name is Adam Rodriguez, I’m a 4th year Sociology major with a minor in Management, my pronouns are He/Him/His, and I’m a first-generation college student. I’m incredibly grateful to become a part of UCI’s Homecoming court for 2021! I was encouraged to sign-up by some of the most beautiful and wonderful people UCI has placed in front of me.

For the past four years, UCI has been my family away from my family. From being rejected to given a second chance, I have often wondered if the university felt “sorry” for me, but I made sure that this second chance wouldn’t go to waste. As a first-generation student, I’ve often felt like I had to prove myself, but my friends have shown me that by being myself is far more important than trying to impress the school.

I’ve been so blessed to be a part of the many UCI communities that have shaped me into who I am:
  • UCI Student Housing as a Residential Advisor
  • Campus Representatives
  • Soulstice League
  • Student Alumni Association
  • Student Parent Orientation Program (SPOP – Riptide 2019 & Ember 2020)
  • UCI Anteater Band
  • Student Life & Leadership
  • Department of Chemistry

I hope I have the opportunity to meet as many of you before, during, and after Homecoming. Just because we’re in a panoramic doesn’t mean we still can’t foster friendships. I can’t do this without the support of all of you, so let’s have some fun with it! In the end, I am happy to be a part of something bigger than myself.

With Love, Adam

Daniel Martinez

My name is Daniel Martinez and my preferred pronouns are he/him/his. I’m a 4th year Mechanical Engineering major with a Specialization in the Design of Mechanical Systems (I like to design and build things, in fact, I was offered a construction engineer position in Egypt, turned out to be a pyramid scheme). I’m incredibly honored to be on YOUR Homecoming Court 2021! High School me could have never envisioned that I would be on the UCI Homecoming Court during my senior year. LET’S GO! UwU 🥺. I came to UC Irvine as a shy first-year, but I became determined to find my community. I am eternally grateful for finding my communities through spaces such as ASUCI ✨, Kababayan at UCI 🇵🇭, and the Formula Racecar Team at UCI 🏎. An important life lesson I learned in college was that the number of friends or how well known you are does not define your success in life or college or how much you’re respected. I learned that I didn’t have to change myself or my personal philosophy to “fit in.” I feel appreciated for ~who~ I am and not who someone wants ~me~ to be.

Being a part of a community of students of color and taught in lands originally held by the Acjachemen and Tongva people, I am incredibly honored to be studying at UC Irvine. This University has transformed me into a multi-faceted student leader with lessons in empathetic leadership, patience, and determination.

I would love to meet with you and listen to your stories, how you came to UC Irvine, and lastly, to thank you for supporting me in this campaign. This crown isn’t going to be a win for me, it’s a win for all Anteaters, a story of us.

Warmly, Daniel (he/him/his)

Abraham Espinosa

Hey everyone! My name is Abraham Espinosa (he/him) and I am a Psychological Sciences/Social Ecology major. As I’m closing the book on undergrad and emerging as a young professional, I reflect on everything that got me here. Personally, what made UCI so great for me was all the amazing people who I was able to meet and learn from. From slaving away with my fellow baristas at Starbucks student center, to joining the community assistant team for Plaza Verde’s inaugural year, to pulling those late nights with my SPOP staffers two years in a row… I truly regret nothing!

To all the people who’ve only ever seen me skateboarding on campus, I’d love to tell you more about myself. I really enjoy all things art; I draw, paint and you can never catch me without a nice outfit on. I love to listen to all sorts of music, create mixes, make little beats here and there. My other hobbies include volleyball (shoutout my intramural teams Mena’s Angels and SP-ikers), anime/manga, astrology, and Super Smash Brothers Melee/Ultimate.

You can bet I’m looking forward to sharing Stay@HOMECOMING with this years’ homecoming court and the rest of you. Hope to see you there!

John Synowsky

Hey everyone! I am John Synowsky. I grew up in Costa Mesa just next door at UCI and I am proud to say I am graduating from UCI, my dream school, after transferring from Orange Coast College. Even in these hectic times UCI has become a home for me and a place for me to grow. The wonderful people I have met have allowed me to develop as a person and the opportunities I have been awarded have shaped me. While at UCI I joined the Men’s Ultimate Frisbee Club and made great friends while traveling to compete in a brand new sport for myself. My roommates at VDC aided me in my cooking adventures and taught me their family recipes. Over quarantine I have attempted to hone my cooking abilities while also attempting to learn how to surf, so you will normally find me at the beach or cheffing something up. If I am not cooking or surfing then I am probably driving around PCH late at night listening to some new music. I am always down for an adventure and trying a new trail to hike. I am glad to be able to represent UCI, ZOT ZOT.

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