Complimentary Parking

Brought to you by: UCI Transportation

Complimentary parking permits are available for pick-up on Saturday, February 9 at the following locations until 6 p.m. Mention “UCI Homecoming” to the parking attendant to receive your permit.

Primary Festival Parking Location:

Depending on other activities you may consider parking in:

You may obtain your complimentary pass from only the lots/structures listed above. Your permit is valid for all-day parking on February 9, 2019 only, and must be displayed visibly on your vehicles dashboard.

If you have any questions about parking, please contact Sheila Nguyen at



Disabled Parking/Mobility Assistance

Vehicles with disabled placards or license plates will be automatically directed to the designated reserved parking areas.

UCI Alumni Association is also pleased to provide special assistance to those individuals with accessibility needs. Once you’ve parked your vehicle, please notify a UCI Transportation staff member if you need assistance to Aldrich Park. Our cart drivers will shuttle you. This service is limited to the disabled/mobility impaired individual and one family member.

Motorist Assistance

VIP Service is provided on the main campus at no charge to all UCI affiliates and includes a Motorist Assist, Bike Assist and Emergency Ride Home Program. All VIP Services are available between 7 a.m and 11 p.m. Call (949) 824-9477.


Motorist Assist services include:

  • Mobile EV Charging
  • Jumpstart
  • Rescue Tow
  • Emergency Gas Delivery
  • Vehicle Unlock
  • Tire Sealant

Limitations include:

  • Jumpstarts may not be possible on 6 volt electrical systems or vehicles that require higher CCAs (Cold Cranking Amps), such as large V8 and diesel vehicles.
  • Use of tire sealant is a temporary fix that requires the owner to replace the tire.
  • Lockout service not possible on all vehicles.
  • Enough gas is given to reach nearest gas station to purchase fuel.



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