UCI Pride Homecoming Toolkit

We’re excited to see you online to reconnect with friends and classmates virtually. Please see below for a number of digital and print-at-home items to help you celebrate and share your UCI pride at home. We invite you to show off that Anteater pride over Homecoming weekend by utilizing the toolkit items throughout the weekend. Zot! Zot! Zot!


Top 5 Ways to Show Your UCI Pride!

  1. Send your friends and family a Peter the Anteater emoji! (See below)
  2. Visit The Hill online to purchase UCI gear!
  3. Share your photos and memories with UCI stickers on Instagram. Make sure to use #UCIHomecoming and tag @ucialumni for a chance to be reposted.
  4. Download a Zoom background for when you attend the virtual Homecoming events.
  5. Express your creativity and UCI style by printing out and coloring a UCI coloring page.


UCI Downloads!

Decorations & Cheer Cards
Add some UCI pride to your home by downloading, printing, and cutting out UCI pennants and spirit cards!
Pennants >
Game Day Spirit Cards >

Zoom Backgrounds
Get a Zoom background for our virtual Homecoming!
UCI Zoom Backgrounds >
UCI Athletics Zoom Backgrounds >

Puzzles and Games

Time yourself against your friends and family to see who can complete these UCI puzzles first!
Download Homecoming Crossword >
Download Homecoming Word Search >
More puzzles from UCI Athletics >

Coloring Pages

Download these printable UCI coloring pages to show off your own creative UCI spirit!
UCIAA Coloring Pages  >
UCI Athletics Coloring Pages >



How to add UCI stickers to your Instagram stories:  

  1. At the top left corner of the Instagram “Home” page, click on your profile picture in the story section to create a new post.
  2. Show us your Anteater pride by snapping a picture of yourself in some UCI gear!
  3. After creating your picture, tap the middle icon in the top right corner featuring a smiley face in a square.
  4. In the search bar type: “UC Irvine” and an entire selection of Peter the Anteater and UCI stickers will be available for you to add to your post!
  5. Simply tap your favorite sticker and manipulate the sticker by dragging it with your finger. You are able to pinch the sticker to make it larger or smaller too!


How to Download the UCI Emojis & Filters iMessage App* 

  1. Go to your iMessage* keyboard and click the blue “App Store” icon to visit the iMessage App Store.
  2. In the search bar type: “UC Irvine Emojis & Filters” and download the app.
  3. After the app has finished downloading, click “Open” and it will take you to the UC Irvine Emojis & Filters iMessage App!
  4. Click your favorite emoji to send to your friends and family or drag the emoji to stick it on a message!
  5. To use the filter, click on the “Filters” tab and snap a picture of yourself in your UCI gear!
  6. In the explore page you will also be able to find GIFs to send to your contacts.
*iMessage and the iMessage App Store is only available to those with an iPhone.


See UCI from an aerial view with Google Earth

Take a ride around Ring Road as a virtual eye-in-the-sky through Google Earth! Visit https://earth.google.com/web/ and search “UC Irvine” to see campus from a brand new perspective, thousands of feet in the air! Explore Aldrich Park or the Bren Events Center in a way that you would never have before!